A warm welcome on my Dutch site. Just this page is translated in English to read more about the work I’m doing in The Netherlands and international.

Closer to recovery
Since 2011 I’m running a private therapy and counselling practice in the city Barneveld in The Netherlands. The name: ‘Dichterbij Herstel’ means in English: ‘closer to recovery’.

My main focus is the family-, relationship-, group- and individual therapy concerning the issue of porn- and sex- addiction.

I’m also giving speeches and lectures about porn on secondary schools, youth groups and other occasions all around the world.

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My vision

Therapy is a process in a safe environment in which through conversation, questions and confrontation insights are being created which explain reasons and patterns of entrenched, unwanted behaviour, the development and stimulants in wanted behaviour and to pass through new experiences to know yourself in a deeper way to become able to develop and sustain a deeper connection to close relatives, family and friends.

Only when in this process self disclosure, honesty and acknowledgements are being felt, than a person can learn to cope with pain, felt in earlier experiences in the past, in a different, more constructive way. Porn is fulfilling, in a fake way, the need of intimacy, security and safety and masks the incapability to cope with unsolvable life problems.

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Effects and function of the use of porn: ‘Pornocetamol’

I´ve developed a product that warns and informs in a comical way of the function and effects of porn use. When someone feels physical pain they´ll take a: ‘paracetamol’. The way ´paracetamol´ as a painkiller works, so does ´porn´. When a porn addict feels cleric pain he of she will take a: 'pornocetamol’. The English translation of the leaflet is available (to downloadpage).

Together with a colleague we’ve written a book for Christian man who wants to quit with their porn use. The first chapters explain more the general issues of pornography (to downloadpage). Later the book examines the biblical view. This book is available as a e-book in the bookstore.


During the year 2018 I’ll bring out a APP for the Smartphone to support man and woman who want to stop with their porn use. It helps to see the correlation between your mood and the urge/craving for porn. It also has the possibility to share these results with someone else. The APP will be available in different languages.

Prevention letter for secondary schools

I’ve developed lessons for student of 14, 15 or 16 years old about pornography. It can be used to give information about pornography in schools and talk with the students about their own porn use. (Go to downloadpage)


In travelling to Africa and Asia I´ve seen that the problems with pornography is roughly everywhere the same. The need for good education, information and open conversation is everywhere. Therefore I’ve developed some articles that are usefull for everyone around the world. Go to the downloadpage.

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